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Native Timber: The Process

It may be hard to imagine an old native timber log lying on your property being transformed into a unique and beautiful piece of furniture. The rich, deep glow of Australia's River Red gum or the warm honey colours of our native Greybox. Often these superb inner textures are conceiled by it's rough native timber exterior and isn't apparent at first glance. It may seem more of an eyesore than an object to be treasured.

Greybox Log in Raw StateGreybox Timber Benchtop

Mother Nature is exceptional at hiding her beauty, as you can see from these before and after pictures. It is possible to make a silk purse from a sows' ear, so to speak.


Natural Timber: Imitated But Never Equaled

Imagine a unique slab of timber crafted into a table that will last for generations. A 'one of a kind' piece of furniture admired by friends and guests, but most of all loved by you and your family. The satisfaction of knowing that the timber used to craft your masterpiece was sourced ecologically from the resources of your own farm or property.

Bulloak Timber in Raw StateBulloak Timber Table Finished


Classic Looks Without Going Against The Grain

Our passion at Willbrook Farm Services is to help you find the beauty in timber. The uniqueness and durability of Australia's native timbers are a joy to work with. Opening up a log is like opening a present. You don't know what's inside until the wrapping has been removed, but it is well worth the wait. "The beauty revealed within timber is breathtaking".

Superb Redgum SlabsSuperb Redgum Slabs No. 2

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