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Perfect Greybox, Euroa

Greybox Timber Stump From Euroa

This stump (at right) was cut from a larger log that was salvaged from our family property prior to the paddock being prepared for crop sowing.

Most property owners would more than likely consider this weather beaten timber with it's rough exterior an eyesore. But we know differently. Inside is a classic example of the hidden fingerprints of nature. A great example of timber recycling.

Normally this log would have been burned but we're glad we were able to salvage it.

This Greybox tree had fallen 15 years ago and was approximately 300 years old when it did. As you can see from the resulting slabs below this log was well worth saving.

Greybox Timber Slabs After Milling Great Looking Greybox Timber Slabs After Milling


River Red Gum - Nagambie, Victoria

Almost an orphan! The timber that is... These absolutely stunning timber cuts taken from the Nagambie area would take pride of place as a crafted entrance piece to your home or office.

Could you think of a more unique natural way to dress your favourite living space?

Superb River Redgum Slab! Superb River Redgum Log During Milling!

Above - Beautifully figured River Red Gum cut from fallen logs along the Goulburn River. Slabs from this job are currently for sale.


Shepparton Peppercorn saved from Landfill

Almost another one of natures fatalities... But as the headline explains, the following pictures are of slabs cut from this old Peppercorn tree that was removed from a business in Shepparton. "This log was heading for landfill".

The Brazilian Peppercorn tree (Schinus molle) is classed as an invasive weed in Australia. These cuts are a little out of the ordinary, but would give a totally unique finish for any timber craftsperson.

Peppercorn Log Before Milling Peppercorn Slab After Milling A Different Cut of Peppercorn Slab After Milling

Sunday Creek special

We recently milled some Yellowbox logs for Dave and Emma at Sunday Creek, just south of Broadford. The  trees had to be removed as they were hanging over their house so Dave and Emma decided to get them milled for some indoor and outdoor furniture. Although the logs were relatively green, once cut they were stacked and weighted in Dave's shed and left to season for a year or two. As you can see from these pictures the outcome is far better than cutting and splitting the timber for firewood.


Beautiful grain from the first cut

Another happy customerBeautiful Yellowbox slab

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